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with Julia Pattis

Lahong Guro Kali-Silat-Evolution, qualified Sport Scientist

24.-25. August 2019 in Vellmar

Saturday & Sunday

• Knife
• Silat 
• Panantukan / Dirty Boxing
• Stick (Solo und Double)
• Silat
• Sikaran (Kicking and Boxing)

Training Gear

  • Double Stick (Rattan, 60-80cm)
  • Trainingknife
  • Training Sword
  • Boxinggloves
  • Individual Protection Gear


Saturday & Sunday 60 €
One day 30 €

Please register till 14. August 2019:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We need your names and the information, who ist a member of the Kali-Silat-Evolution-Association.

(the seminar takes place only from 15 participants upwards)

Places of event

Heckershäuser Str. 56
34246 Vellmar


Public transport stop:

Vellmar-Obervellmar Schule


Obervellmar Bahnhof



Google-Maps   Google-Route

gym overnight stay at friendly club possible:

Please ask for by registration.


Gymnasium Brüder-Grimm-Straße
Brüder-Grimm-Straße 14
34246 Vellmar


Public transport stop:

Vellmar-Niedervellmar Festplatz



Google-Maps   Google-Route

KSE Flyer Seminar Vellmar 2019 en

legal notes:

The participants have to take care of accident and liability insurance themselves. Organizers and organizers assume no liability.

By registering for this event, the participants agree to the electronic storage of their personal data and images and their publication in notices, on the Internet and in other publications on the organization of the club and sports operations of OSC Vellmar e.V. This also applies to the subdivisions of OSC Vellmar e.V. and higher-level institutions.

Upon registration, underage participants confirm that they have consent to attend by their guardian (s).

Likewise the participants recognize the data protection regulations of the OSC Vellmar e.V. (http://osc-vellmar.de/uebersicht.php?p=1&c=511) and the Arnis Kali group of the Budo department (http://arnis-kali.de/index.php/de/impressum/datenschutzerklaerung) unrestrictedly.

Participants agree to the publication of the picture coverage. The privacy policy of OSC Vellmar e.V. and the Arnis Kali group of the Budo department applies.